LLP Guidelines for Authors

Online Submissions

Authors should submit their manuscripts online on the Academic Journals Platform (Open-Access System). Please click the hyperlink: ñOnline Submissions

Authors are kindly requested to comply with the following rules:

  • Manuscripts for publication should be written in English.
  • Please make sure that the paper is submitted in its final form.
  • Papers should preferably be submitted in the form of a source LaTeX file.
  • The first page should contain (i) the author's name; (ii) the title of the article; and (iii) a short abstract (not exceeding 120 words) and key words of the paper.
  • The author's affiliation and address should be put at the end of the paper.
  • References should be indicated in the text by numerals in square brackets. The bibliography should be numbered and listed in alphabetical order.
  • Authors are asked to indicate DOI numbers of bibliographic items, if applicable. DOI numbers can be searched via the page:
  • For further guidance on matters of style and format, please consult recent issues of the journal.
  • No page charge is made. Authors of published articles will receive one free copy of the edition of LLP in which their article is published.

    Peer Review Process

    All papers submitted to Logic and Logical Philosophy will be peer reviewed by anonymous reviewers. On the basis of their reports, the editors of LLP will decide whether (i) the paper will be accepted (possibly conditional on minor changes); (ii) the paper will not be accepted in its current form but may be reconsidered if the author revises it in line with the reviewers' reports; or (iii) the paper will not be accepted. Authors will be informed about the final decision as soon as possible. All papers that are not accepted will be returned with a copy of the referees' reports explaining the decision.

    Publication Ethics and Malpractice Statement:

    By submitting a paper, the authors confirm that the work is an original piece of work by them (that it is neither ghostwritten nor guest-authored) and that it has not been published elsewhere.

    Book Reviews

    We are pleased to announce that we are going to resume the Reviews Section of LLP on a regular basis, after an interruption in the second volume. Professor Walter Carnielli has agreed to act as the Reviews Editor.

    The “Book Reviews” section basically intends to promote books written in English. However, as there are lots of interesting books written in native languages nowadays that are worth to be presented to a broader community of logicians and philosophers, we are widening the scope of the section and encourage our readers to submit reviews of books written in languages other than English.

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