Current issue is: Vol. 23 No. 3, September 2014, 126 pp.

  • Diderik Batens: Propositional logic extended with a pedagogically useful relevant implication, 245–276    ñ DOI: 10.12775/LLP.2013.024

  • Gerard Allwein, William L. Harrison and David Andrews: Simulation logic, 277–299    ñ DOI: 10.12775/LLP.2013.027

  • Paolo Maffezioli and Alberto Naibo: Proof theory of epistemic logic of programs, 301–328    ñ DOI: 10.12775/LLP.2013.026

  • Yehuda Schwartz and George Tourlakis: On the proof-theory of a first-order extension of GL, 329–363    ñ DOI: 10.12775/LLP.2013.030

  • Book Reviews, 365–368    ñ DOI: 10.12775/LLP.2014.007

  • Logic and Logical Philosophy Nicolaus Copercicus University Faculty of Humanities Department of Logic Toruń