Current issue is: Vol. 23 No. 4, December 2014, 144 pp.

  • Gemma Robles: A simple Henkin-style completeness proof for Gödel 3-valued Logic G3, 371–390    ñ DOI: 10.12775/LLP.2014.001

  • Jason Megill and Timothy Melvin: Computability and human symbolic output, 391–401    ñ DOI: 10.12775/LLP.2014.009

  • Stanisław Kiczuk: The logic of causal propositions, 403–448    ñ DOI: 10.12775/LLP.2014.014

  • Gianluigi Bellin, Massimiliano Carrara, Daniele Chiffi, and Alessandro Menti: Pragmatic and dialogic interpretations of bi-intuitionism. Part I, 449–480 ñ DOI: 10.12775/LLP.2014.011

  • Katarzyna Pałasińska: Three-element non-finitely axiomatizable matrices and term-equivalence, 481–497 ñ DOI: 10.12775/LLP.2014.010

  • Book Reviews, 499–508    ñ DOI: 10.12775/LLP.2014.013

  • Acknowledgments, 509–510    ñ Link

  • Contents of Volume 23, 511–512    ñ Link

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