Call for submissions for the special issue: Problems, puzzles and paradoxes of epistemic and deontic logic


Fengkui Ju (Beijing Normal University)
Piotr Kulicki (The John Paul II Catholic University of Lublin)

Considerations related to epistemic and deontic notions are one of the most attractive research direction in logic of recent decades. They can be applied to investigate human cognition and social activities but also are relevant to artificial intelligent agents. That makes the subjects of epistemic and deontic logic also interesting for logicians from computer science and artificial intelligence background. Also legal theorists are interested in formal approaches to actions in the context of knowledge, beliefs and norms. Still many problems and puzzles in epistemic and deontic logic remain unsolved and existing solutions generate different paradoxes.
   One of the occasions to discuss those issues was the First Chinese-Polish Workshop in Applied Logic that took place in December 2017 at the School of Philosophy of Beijing Normal University. Guest editors of this Special Issue of Logic and Logical Philosophy want to propose this issue as a continuation of interesting and fruitful discussions from the workshop. Thus, the participants of the event are especially encouraged to submit the papers related to their presentations. However, the call for papers is open for everybody interested in the broadly understood subject including those from the non-exclusive list:
– attempts to solve currently discussed problems and puzzles of deontic and epistemic logic;
– new problems and their solutions;
– applications of deontic and epistemic logic to real life problems: social, legal, technical;
– logic based approaches to solving epistemic and deontic conflicts.

Manuscripts should be suitable for blind reviewing. The use of Latex is not necessary but would make the preparation of the final version easier. Submissions should be sent to one of the guest editors as a pdf file using addresses: fengkui.ju(at) or piotr.kulicki(at) The deadline for submission is September 30, 2018.

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