maius Collegium Maius – the first spot of Department czezowski Tadeusz Czeżowski – the first head of Department


Collegium Maius

Short History of the Department

The Department of Logic was founded by Tadeusz Czeżowski in the very beginning of the existence of Nicolaus Copernicus University in 1945. In October 1945 he took over the position of professor at the First Chair of Philosophy in the Philosophical Seminar at the Faculty of Humanities. Six years later this chair changed its name to Chair of Logic.

After Tadeusz Czeżowski had retired in 1960 the position of the Head of Department was taken over in 1965 by prof. Leon Gumański who directed it until his retirement in 1991. The next year prof. Jerzy Perzanowski was appointed the Head of the Department and he steered it for a bit more than a decade, until 2003. Since July 1 2005 the Head of the Department is Andrzej Pietruszczak. Between those periods prof. T. Szczurkiewicz (1960–1965), prof. J. Pawlak (1991–1992) and prof. W. Wojdyło (2003–2005) were the wardens of the Department.

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